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On Line Training for AED. See the series of links to the three models of AEDs that PENSAR utilizes.

These units are all similar yet different enough that you as a team member need to be familiar with each model. One common theme in all of the videos that we have posted are that rescuers in the videos are talking about what happened instead of doing CPR. The best practice is to minimize time off the chest by not stopping chest compressions, except to analyze or shock. The following things are the minimum for you as team members to learn from watching the videos:
Regular in house training will continue to ensure you are familiar with the models and use in emergency situations. So take the time to watch and be familiar with them.

Please note:
1. How the pads are accessed and applied.
2. How to tell if the unit is okay or need service.
Of the three models of AED the Defibtec and Philips are Public Access Defibrillators (PAD). Meaning their use is intended for lay-person CPR and to be used in a static environment. The Zoll AEDs we purchased are professional grade AEDs. They’re more resistant to rough handling and were designed to work in the pre-hospital environment.

We have two of these that were donated by Mediquest Technologies. They are assigned to SAR 5 and The Fox (boat) Watch the first video “Lifeline AED Overview Video” at

Defibtech Videos

The two Zoll AED Pros were provided with grants from the Penticton Community Foundation and Rotary to be deployed in SAR 3 and SAR 4. See the link as overview of the Zoll AED Pro.

The AED Pro®

Watch the video “First Responder Version” This is not the model of AED we own. However the pads are unique which is why you need to watch most of it.

Zoll Videos

Our original AED, will be located in SAR 2