Helicopter External transport System (HETS)

HETS, sometimes called HFRS, CDFL, “short haul” or “long line” is a type of helicopter rescue where a one or more rescuers and subjects are slung on a line attached to a helicopter. PENSAR has found that this technique to be very effective allowing rescuers into areas where tall trees prevent the helicopter from landing or allowing SAR members to hover exit which is critical when rescuing subjects in high, glaciated and mountainous terrain.

This technique, pioneered in Canada by Parks staff in Banff National Park in the 60’s. Because it speeds up access, delivers first aid, and transports subjects to definitive medical treatment faster, HETS is responsible for many successful rescues since it’s adoption by EMBC as a validated rescue technique.

PENSAR’s HETS program has been in operation for over a decade with countless rescues to its credit. To be agile and effective we utilize the services of 2 local Helicopter operators which gives us 24-7 availability.