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Penticton & District Search and Rescue concluded their search by 2:30 PM Sunday July 19th, 2015 after a 2-day search failed to find any evidence of possible overdue hiker(s).

Kelowna RCMP had initially responded to a complaint late Friday (July 17th, 2015) evening that campers in the Van Hyce Beach area of Okanagan Lake had discovered an abandoned campsite with a note that stated that person(s) had left to go hiking to the Divide Lake area of Okanagan Mountain Park from July 7th and would be back on July 13th 2015. With the note identifying that the hikers were 4 days overdue and no other evidence left to identify who were the occupiers of the abandoned site, Police contacted Search and Rescue.

On Saturday 12 personnel from Penticton, 4 from Oliver Osoyoos and 3 from Central Okanagan SAR were deployed to the Okanagan Mountain Park along with 2 helicopters. On Sunday the search commenced again with 6 personnel with 3 trackers from Oliver Osoyoos and Princeton Ground Search and Rescue.

Searchers covered known trails by ground and conducted an extensive air search and reported back to police that they could not find any evidence of a lost or injured person. With no other evidence of anyone reported missing, police advised searchers to suspend the search pending further investigation by police.

Divide Lake is located on the eastern portion of Okanagan Mountain Park and Hyce Creek Beach is located on Okanagan Park. The search area covered 36 square kilometers with a variety of terrain and unmarked trails.

Randy Brown
Public Information Officer
Penticton and District
Search and Rescue