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A silver lining came out of the theft from Penticton and District Search and Rescue (PENSAR) last weekend.

Story by Penticton Western News:

A break-in occurred overnight on Oct. 24 at the rear compound at 251 Dawson Avenue. Two trailers secured in the compound which belong to PENSAR were also broken into. When PENSAR recruits arrived for training the next day it was discovered that a 1,000-watt, Honda, suitcase-style generator, an all-purpose jack and five cans of gas were taken.

While an investigation is currently underway, the generosity of Penticton Honda Centre has already replaced the generator.

An employee who was familiar with search and rescue members told Penticton Honda Centre store manager Glen Hall about the theft.

“He just let me know it had been stolen and wondered if there was some way we could help,” Hall said.

Hall sent out and email to PENSAR and within days of the theft they were stopping by to pick up a new, $1,000 generator.

“Because we sell ATVs and all the stuff that could potentially lead you to being rescued, we figured it would be a good idea to help,” Hall laughed.

Randy Brown, public information officer for PENSAR, summed the donation up in one word.

“Fantastic,” Brown said.

He and his fellow PENSAR members were hoping that by sending out a news release of the theft, they could get information out for anybody who might have seen the stolen equipment or have information, a donation was the last thing they were expecting.

“That was our eventual focus, this was a side benefit we never even thought about,” Brown said.

The generator is usually used when PENSAR is called out to a task and set up a staging area to help power everything from lights to rechargeable equipment.

“Everybody is like, wow, blown away,” Brown said.

“To everybody out there that responded a great, big thank you, I think it makes the group feel really appreciated.”