Interested in a challenging opportunity?


Becoming a Search and Rescue volunteer means bringing forth a strong commitment to service. Are you prepared to commit to the time for training, to be on call 24/7, being able to take direction while working in our great outdoors?

Penticton Search & Rescue

Volunteer Information

Things to Consider:

  • Penticton Search and Rescue attends to an average of 50 calls for service per year. Each task can last from 4 to 12 hours in length. Do you have the time?
  • We train weekly (Monday nights) and the expectation is that all members are to attend to train and maintain their skills and knowledge. Are you committed to long term learning?
  • Do you possess back country skills, a first aid certificate, physically fit, familiar with our local area and have a desire to commit to a team atmosphere. Do you have something that is an asset to the team?
  • Do you enjoy adventure?

If you’re up for the challenge and committed to a worthwhile community service fill in an application by clicking the link below:

Application Form
PENSAR conducts a recruitment and training program on an needs basis. If you are interested you can submit an information application to our office which will be kept on file till the next recruitment / selection process. PENSAR will advertise on social media when it  will start the next recruiting process fro new members.
Our recruiting process consists of:
  • Application preparation
  • Resume
  • Valid BC Drivers Licence (copy) with MVB abstract
  • RCMP Criminal Records check panel interview
  • Attendance and successful completion of the Province of BC GSAR (ground search and rescue course) – 70 hours
  • All candidates all on probation for a one year term
  • All candidates and team members are governed by a set of professional standards and a code of conduct/professional standards