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Sunday Sept 20th Busy evening for South Okanagan SAR Teams

Two separate tasks which were launched only hours apart late Sunday afternoon brought together the Civilian Air Search and Rescue Unit along with PENSAR and Oliver Osoyoos Teams to coordinate search and rescue efforts.

The First call came in at 5:45 P.M. after two young women from Quebec were hiking near Brent Mountain became disoriented. Fortunately they had a charged cell phone and a strong enough cell signal to call authorities for help. Once the two had determined they were lost, they made the smart choice of staying together in one place, finding shelter from the elements and using their available technology and resources to assist searchers.

Search Managers were able to narrow the search area with the assistance from the cell phone provider who provided data to give searchers a high probability location. Search teams then hiked into the area and at 1:30 A.M. located the pair on Sheep Rock Mountain at approximately the 7000 feet elevation.“Staying together and staying where they were, was critical to their rescue”, says Mike Porter, one of the search technicians. “Conditions were not ideal with rain, cold temperatures and high wind, and hypothermia was a considerable threat to these women”. Thankfully our team of 11 PENSAR, 10 Oliver/Osoyoos SAR and 5 CASARA (Civil Air Search & Rescue ) members were able to reach them quickly and safely.

While this event was taking place Penticton RCMP then called PENSAR again at 8:47 PM and requested assistance in locating a missing person in the Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park just south of Penticton area.. Six PENSAR and 10 Oliver/Osoyoos SAR members attended in the search. The subject was located a short time later.

Randy Brown – Public Information Officer Penticton and District Search and Rescue


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