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Penticton and District Emergency Program Society is a group of dedicated, like-minded, unpaid volunteers that donate their time and use of personal equipment in order to serve the public in various capacities.


Penticton Search & Rescue

PENSAR’s is a 24/7 all volunteer service. Our 40 team members provide upwards of 8,000 volunteer service hours and respond to an average of 30 response calls annually.

Over the past 10 years – PENSAR’s call-outs have shifted from Search to Rescue Team with the majority of PENSAR’s tasks focusing on providing wilderness medicine, rescue and evacuations for the BC Ambulance Service. Other tasks for missing persons and support to other SAR Teams and agencies make up the rest of our duty assignments.

PENSAR is one of over 80 community-based Search and Rescue (SAR) groups within British Columbia.

Community Resources

All Team members are responsible and must commit to maintaining their own equipment and supplies. This personal expense can run from between $1,000 – $1,500, depending on a persons skill level and training. PENSAR has no paid staff and all funds are utilized to maintain our operations: We are required to ensure that our operation is run in a safe and effective manner.

All funding contributes to:
  • Maintaining all equipment and ensure it is up-to-date – supplies, communication and vehicles.
  • PENSAR is required by Provincial Operating Guidelines to provide continuous training to its members and to keep all certifications of its specialty teams current.
  • Any new equipment or training has to to obtained through donations or grant assistance. PENSAR is constantly evaluating and replacing damaged or worn out equipment.